Reiki Treatment

Several professional staff from our offices have received training in or experienced Reiki and find this practice a great benefit for themselves, others and even their pets. It is done on a traditional massage table, while lying on your back and simply maintaining a relaxed, meditative feeling while the practitioner works with you. For those who have back issues, this can be done while seated. Sometimes there can be a light touch, or if touch is uncomfortable, one can request no touch at all. Reiki is designed as simply a stress reduction and relaxation technique. Reiki practitioners do not diagnose or treat medical conditions, prescribe substances or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. Please read our blog “What is Reiki?” for more information and resources. Reiki is currently being offered in the Carlisle office by Anne Leedy. This can be an adjunct to your current therapy work, or can just be part of your own healing journey. If interested, please contact the office at 717-241-2345 for more information and costs (this is not covered by health insurance).